Saturday, May 16, 2015


Well, time spent with friends always feels great. and i am truely no excepion to that.
A few back, while chatting with my friend & business partner at their newly opened fashion & lifestyle store we were hit by hunger pangs. And boy, we were really "hungry". Not sure about the cuisine to hogg ( though my mind kept saying Italian, italian & italian) i gave that a miss. unsure about the destination we stopped mid way and then suddenly the name of this door came to my mind. The door is Blue in colour, or The Blue Door.

Tucked away in a bylane of Southern Avenue, bang opposite to Tyagraj Hall, we reached our destination. What struck you in the first sight is the big Blue door sign. When asked how he justifies the nomenclature of the resturant, he pointed towards the oval blue glass which had the name etched on them with white.We were greeted by the owner. the resturant was devoid of any hungry soul which made it quieter, housed in an old building the eatery cant really boast of a good interior. Only a few knick-knacks here & there.

We started by ordering the starters: Bacon wrapped chicken & Cajun spicy prawns.
Cajun spiced prawns

Bacon wrapped chicken

The mixed breed sauce

The bacon wrapped was a tad bit salty to everyone's palate & a n overdose of pepper didn't mark a good start. The Prawns were a disappointment once again. The spiced coating half-burnt, no kick of the Cajun spices didn't make us happy. another reason of disappointment was the white sauce ( a cross between tartare & mayo with bits of super fine chopped bellpeppers) served with both the dishes. I would have loved a honey mustard mayo to go with the bacon wrapped chicken.

We moved on to the Mains: The beef steak, Classic fish & chips & Ayam Bai with Nasi Goreng Rice.
Classic fish & chips

Nasi goreng & the chicken

the beef steak

Those 3 slices of fish were crispy and light coated fish ( i felt it was coated with a mix of poha & some rava)  had under-seasoned melt in mouth Basa fillets underneath. The potato chips failed to impress.
While The beef steak ( it was an off the menu option suggested by the owner) that we ordered had a succulent piece of beef covered in a brown sauce. The sauce wasn't much yumm, but i loved the mashed potatoes. I always dread the unseasoned, bland boiled vegetables served as accompaniments, but this time the veggies were seasoned well.
The chicken was served with a side of rice garnished with strips of Omlette. The rice tasted of the northeast & we loved it. The chicken was however nothing to praise, heavy with the coconut milk and some other ingrediant which brought in a not so pleasing smell ( i couldn't identify the ingrediant) was quite heavy for the pallet. The sauce served was afore-mentioned mixed breed white sauce. My friends had also ordered for two fresh lime sweet, while i refrained.
Also we were full to the brink. So we gave the desserts a miss.
Turtle baby

Let me introduce you to the turtle sitting quietly in the front desk. She is friendly in a quiet way unlike the staffs. You will find the printed menus left in disarray. Those are for keeps!!
While the quantity was a true value for money, i can't say the same about the quality though. While it can be a perfect place to treat the crowd, but sacrifising about the taste. I might drop in again to taste the other dishes in the menu.
Drop in a message here, if you find yourself there!!
Will be happy to be proved wrong!!

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