Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I have read about this resturant in mags and my friends who had visited the place had good things to say about it. However, for me it was a chance meeting, the memories of which are mouth-watering enough for me to drop in once more during my stay in Mumbai.
Mumbai as all my near and dear ones know, haven't been much of my choice ever, sine time immemorial.

Noodle bar, at Palladium Mall, Mumbai have lovely interiors done up tastefully. It was full, but then we didn't have to wait for a table at all. The table for two though wasn't spacious at all. On my first night there, I was seating a table for 2, I was having dinner with my boss. What caught my attention were those circular lights hanging from the ceilings of the corner tables. Two circular beams were covered in red rawsilk, and the characteristic weave gave its own beauty to it.

 The ceiling also had a wooden carving on it, the necessary Chinese lamps and the red walls, made it quirt easy for one to understand its south Asian flavours.

Now the food!!! Something of primal importance. While the hungry me, wanted to settle for any thng filling and non fussy, for my petite boss it had to be a light meal. She suggested sizzlers, and I grabbed the idea. That's the best deal, since she is a hard-core Maru (means vegetarian, no offence meant) nd I love to devour anything the walks, crawls or flies!!!

She settled for her Thai sizzler, while I chose Malaysian Sea food sizzler along with two sweet lime soda. Not sure of the quantity to be finished off, we chose to avoid any other starters, which turned out to be a wise desicion. The waiters though helped us in making the selection, but are not available much when you need your empty glass to be filled up!!  The food journey began with a bowl of kimchi, which included some cabbage kimchi, some with cucumber, and the other I reckon was a mix of veggies. I love the kimchi that mainland china serves more than this, any day.

The food announced its sizzling entry with loads of fumes just like the retro vamps of bolly movies (not to forget I am a retro-kumar, and my love for all things filmy). My boss got her plate with a bowl of steam rice as accompaniment, while I choose to go with the spicy noodles, which I am always partial to. Ignoring the sizzling veggies on the other plate, I turned my attention to the beauties swimming in a light base gravy on my plate. And boy, The Food was YUMM!!! I found succulent pieces of prawns, cubes of fish, some squids  floating in there. The noodles, bit on the spicier side, juat the way I like them to be, were in perfect harmony with the milder gravy.

What I love the mpst about these hot gimmicy iron paltes, are the charred lettuce pr cabbage leaves. I love the way their burnt bodies lend a characteristics smoky flavour to the entire dish. As as the character of coconut milk, it thickens with so muh exposure to heat and the mild dense flavours leave your palette filling fresh. Not to forget the crunch the humble prawn fritters and the butter garlic sauted green beans added to the dish. The amalgamation of all these textures lead to the burst of flavours, I absolutely adored.

The sweet lime soda can't be brushed aside. It did, what it was expected to do...... wanna hear what??