Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Kolkata, my lovely city has always boasted of a strong food history. And what adds to its charm, are the tons of new places which are opening up everyday.

Maka-Maka is one of the brightest addition to this cities culinary map. A location as enviable as ever, the place which they have done up surperbly, will be any designer's dream den. The ambience, the food, and the people all are well loved.
The painted wall

But i am sorry, i wouldn't be able to tell you much about the history of the place. Not that i am not much interested in its initial days, but just that i don't know Anything about it now, but hopefully someday over steaming cup of coffee i might strike a conversation with the luvly co-owner Mitun Chakrabarty and cajole her to narrate the stories of the cafe's toddler steps.

What i fell in love with is the quaintness of the place, kind of what i had seen at Hauz Khas Village in Delhi!! The place doesn't boast of ostentatious surrounding instead what it offers is a heart one, which carries a string sense of aesthetics and a personal space!! A great to hangout for the newly found love couples. My most favourite place is the balcony and the "jhula" which i religiously occupied during my first and second visit.

i loved the colours and the intricasy of the design on it

The entrace of the cafe
While the first visit was made im-memorable by fresh watermelon juice, which not only quenched my intermittent thurst, was fresh and light. However the mango juice served up on the second day, which was fresh as well, was a bit too thick for my liking.

The mango juice

The food is prepared fresh for you, once you place the order. The first evening me and my friend spent sharing a plate of Spanish Scotch Eggs ( don't as for a pic!! I am a human, i need to eat first, pic comes secondery.......), which in it's new avatar is a modern take on the classic dish. The olive with which it was decorated, to the best of my belif is a from a preserved jar,but tasted well with this dish. I would say it was a snack, a not so filling snack type!! But trust me, the drizzle added to the charm of the bolied eggs, in whose womb the chef's creation was pipped in & served.

The second evening we spent sharing another dish, Tortia. It was filling, it had eggs and potates. Though the salt was not well distributed at the time of beating the egg, but i am not complaining much of that!! But what i didn,t like much was the ketchup which came along, i feel some other fresh dip could have perked up the presentation of the dish quite much.

The cafe also has a section to make the shoppers happy. They have nicely curated stuffs from designers and some are also sourced from places across the world. The merchandise comprises of garments, jewellery, upholstery and also bit of furniture. What immediately catches ones attention is the generous display of ceramics, which i just loved.
shopper's sections

And i also loved the two owners whom i met, and the sweet store girl as well, whom you will always find smiling behind the baked goodies counter. I wish them more strength, and hope their curve of growth keeps rising!!!