Wednesday, July 27, 2011



i am back after a lonnng time. its nothing like avoiding friends, just because was too busy with my new job & collection launch. since Durga Puja is coming, so people have started getting their dresses made. And trust me, i am super happy about it. i realised a couple of days back, sitting back idle at home, that i am workaholic. trust me, i am the happiest now, since i have something to do, and i seriously don't mind the the long journey from home to office. cooking hasn't taken a backseat as such, in this hectic lifestyle, but i feel too tired & lazy to post.
Kolkata, though having rain, but is still pretty hot!! and heat turns me down. this sunday while at home, enjoying my weekend, i decided to gorge in some thing cold. so Semi Freddo was an obvious choice. not only because itss damn tasty, but also because it hardly takes around 10 minutes to make. and trust me, you will have an audience asking for more. as for me, i can go to any length to have a good semi-freddo. with one spoonful, in mouth, it feels like heaven.
semi-freddo as sum of you know, is kind of an Italian desert. not only, it is a tasty desert. you can call it an ice-cream cake or a custard, but whatever you choose to call it, it will always test great. its addictive. it is. my mom learnt this recipe from me, and she was surprised that cooking can be so easier at times, and in return you get such complimentary looks. here goes the recipe:


  •  cream                                       300ml
  •  egg                                           1nos.
  •  egg yolks                                  4nos.
  •  honey                                       100gm+ 1 tbsp for drizzling
  •  raisins+nuts                              50 gms each (optional)
  • loaf tin
  • clean fling
  • double boiler


  • line your loaf tin with a double layer of clean fling.
  • Whip your cream well. i had used an electronic hand beater to beat it for 5mins.
  • Now put  the honey, egg & yolks in a bowl. Put it on a double boiler & keep stirring it till it changes colour and mixes well.( do be careful, or else the mixture might end up looking like an egg frittata.)
  • Now put in the egg mixture in the whipped cream & fold in well gently.
  • Put in the mixture in the loaf tin & cover with another clean fling and put it in the refrigerator for about 3-5 hours.
  • After that invert it on a plate and remove the clean fling from all sides.
  • drizzle with honey and top with raisins and nuts. And immediately serve.

this melts in your mouth immediately. but it also starts melting as soon as you bring it out of the freezer. you can even come up with some interesting toppings and  serve.
try it. will be back with something even more tastier.... soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


hii frnds,
m back after a long time.i am super busy with collection launch, new job. i am soo happy that finally i get to assist a designer, a well known one. moreover, its not knits but woven. and the worst part is among all these i hardly get time to cook, time for myself. and i also need to carry tiffin, and i hate the regular tiffins.... so had to device some method to keep myself & my tummy happy!!! and this experiment turned out to be a good one.

trust me, it is!! and every one loves chicken, and kabab happens to be an universal favourite. and specially when its a chicken reshmi kabab. and its not the authentic type, it's kinda my version of this kabab. moreover its fat free, its healthy and yummy. and takes very less time and can be made with ingrediants easily available at home. here goes the recipe:


  • chicken (boneless)                            300gm
  • green chilli paste                               2tsp
  • melon seed paste                              2tbsp
  • salt & black pepper                           to taste
  • red chilli paste                                   1tsp
  • fresh coriander(chopped finely)         1tbsp
  • garam masala powder                       1tsp
  • kasuri methi                                      1tsp
  • cashew paste                                    2tbsp
  • tandooori chicken masala                  1tbsp
  • chaat masala                                     1tsp
  • wooden/metal skewers                      4nos
  • oil                                                     2tbsp
  • butter                                                1tsp


  • cut the chicken pieces into cube.
  • then marinate them with all the above ingrediants and keep aside for around 2hrs.
  • if you are using wooden skewers, then soak them in water for around 10hrs, to save it from burning.
  • insert the chicken pieces in the skewer. putting them close and leaving enough space to hold the skewer from both ends.
  • heat half of the oil & butter in a tawa .
  • now put the skewers in the tawa, and cook all sides till it starts changing colour and the it starts catching colour..
  • after this brush them with the remaining oil & butter & bust them in the gas, the burning fire. till you get that charred smell and marks.make a bit of space between the cubes now, so as to cook the chicken completly, if its still uncooked.
  • now serve hot, after sprinling with some chaat masala. 

thats it... yes guys thats it..... i know its damn easy. i even wrap them in rotis with a yoghurt dip. i generally prepare this dip by mixing yoghurt with cumin powder & salt & black pepper powder. garnish with round cut red onions and serve. i am sure, you will love it, just the way i do. and if you wanna include some veggies, then put in some bellpapers and onion cubes in between the chicken cubes. 
this recipe is also a way of breaking taboo that you need to have an oven or tandoor to cook kabab. but thats not the thing. and if u want to have red kababs, the trick is to add a bit of red food colour. seee you next time. bye.

try it!!!!!!!